The POWER of GOD’S love is amazing..see it alive in this ministry.

The world around us can’t see our inner faith, but it can see the good works that flow from our faith. That’s why Jesus said plainly, “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.”
When you stand before Jesus one day, don’t you want to hear the words, ” Well done good and faithful servant”.  Everything you do in His name by volunteering in this ministry is bringing you closer to Christ and making a difference.
In His service,
Chaplain Larry Randolph

C4C Hospice Volunteers in Mount Juliet, Tennessee reaching people for Christ.


I know you’ve heard lots of stories on how God uses dogs, so the below will not be new, but it happened to me just recently.

Alive Hospice is the largest Hospice group in Middle TN with around 400 persons in their care at their two residential facilities and in patient’s homes.
Bouc and I visit their residential facility in downtown Nashville at 10:00 am on Tuesdays.
These terminally ill residents are often in such condition to not even know that Bouc and I are there.
BUT often the families of these residents need what we can offer.

Bouc and I had spoken to and shared love to 10 or so residents and their families, as well as hospice staff.
As always, those wanting interactions welcomed the diversion from the grief of losing a loved one.
The last resident we visited was not conscious, but his wife of 48 years was there and wanted to pet Bouc – and talk.
(Please understand, I do not have the power to make these patients/residents lives any better or change their terminal diagnosis)
While petting Bouc, this wife explained that their children were upset with the wife (their mother) forhaving taken their father to a “Hospice” facility instead of allowing him to stay at home and being near family.
The wife continued that their sons had not been to see their dying father in weeks even though they lived only about 3 minutes away and that now they were not talking to their mother due to her decision.
She explained that both she and her dying husband were Christians and that she knew that he’d be waiting for her in heaven when her time came.
She poured out her heart (to a stranger with a dog) that she felt that in some areas, she had failed as a parent since her own children would not support her decision about their father.
She explained that she was torn between giving her children what they thought they needed and giving her husband physical peace in his last hours!!

After hearing this woman’s heart rending story, there’s not a lot that I can say that is going to alter the facts that she has to live with.
I cannot remember what I said as a Bouc and I left, but she said a very low “Thank You.”
I responded that it was my pleasure to share a little of God’s love.

She said that she understood that, but wanted to tell me “Thank You” for just listening to her!!
As a person and as a Christian, I just wanted to cry.
Because of Bouc and our presence there, we were allowed to hear the anguished cries of a fellow Christian and both understood that He’s in control even though our world appears to be crumbling.

Our world is hurting and we’ve been given the opportunity to share some of the hurt….

Jim Kidwell, C4C Chaplain and volunteer with “Bouc”  live in Nashville, TN.

*** Jim recently experienced that “world of hurt” when his son had a heart attack and never regained consciousness. He passed away shortly thereafter. Our prayers are with Jim and Ellen and the entire family. May God comfort you with his love and compassion. We are grateful to have you as ambassadors for Christ in this ministry.***
Bouc with hospice patient, as Jim shares the love of Christ to this beautiful women.
 Brookfield,CT volunteer Darlene and therapy dogs “Buddy”and “Gracie” bring joy and happiness to many people in her community. God works through her as she is the Light of Christ in the darkness.

  Chaplain Sally Severson and “Nia” , C4C Volunteers in Pensacola,FL lead a Bible study fordisabled adults and bring God’s love to the students at the ARC facility. They love their new ministry t-shirts.
Chaplain Larry,
Please see Annabel above. She and her brother have been making smiles at Helen Ellis Hospital (now Florida Hospital North Pinellas) for six years. Of course Eli is infamous forstealing a piece of bread from the food cart. We have truly enjoyed serving the lord and the people in the Tarpon Springs area with our dog’s talents. It seems that taking them to visit these people, many of them in pain, lonely, dying, etc. really appreciate the love of these dogs (They really are “Jesus with fur”).
Today we visited a blind woman who loved hugging Annabel; a very depressed man who cracked a smile while giving a piece of cheese to her; an elderly woman who did not have any interest in her dinner but was more than willing to give her bread to Annabel and a man who was very frail and dozing off but seemed to have the spirit of a child when Annabel worked her magic on him and then proceeded to share with me World War Two stories about how he joined the military at 16 and went to Europe and Asia with the Merchant Marines. I loved this since I’m a history buff.

Todd Whitney and Annabell have been C4C volunteers for 6 years and live in Tampa, FL

God has blessed us with the most wonderful volunteers in communities all over the country. This is C4C volunteer “Max” and he had his first school visits today! He and  C4C therapy dog “Cherry” went to the first school together and then we went to the second school solo. Michael’s school was the second school and he was soooo happy to see Max! We had such a wonderful time! I am attaching some photos for you to see. Heather also has photos. Michael’s school is called New Leaf School for change if you want to visit their Facebook page. They should be posting photos soon of Max’s visit. God bless!
Leigh Ann and Max are volunteers in Jacksonville, FL
Heather Yeloushan and Cherry are volunteers in Jacksonville Beach, FL.
“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” Mark 9:37…Jesus came into our hurried, me-first world not ” to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many”. We serve him best by serving others. ” Those who humble themselves will be exalted” Matthew 23:12

Canines For Christ
Tampa, FL.
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