Do you remember the story of the Widow’s Mite Offering? Check this out!!

Hello Larry,
For Thanksgiving this year, we visited our daughter and her family who live in Bedford, VA (just outside of Lynchburg). Our granddaughters, Jessica and Sophie, are almost 7 and are so much fun! It’s important to make wonderful memories when you see one another so infrequently as these memories will last a lifetime.
Our daughter Tara is a volunteer with Canines 4 Christ and everySunday she visits her local nursing home with her sweet lab Bella. We went on a visit with her while we were there with our sweet lab Gracie. We visited Miss Phyllis, one of Tara’s dear friends.
Thank you dear Father for C4C where so many lives are touched by these wonderful dogs that You created. We are so very thankful.
Larry and Susan Randolph and Gracie
Tampa, FL
Tara Kamprath and Bella
Powerful testimony of a C4C volunteer experiencing God’s lesson of the “Widow’s Mite Offering”
We met Mannie in the parking lot of my sister Jill’s apartment complex. She saw him walking from their multi unit mailboxes back to his apartment and she said she would try to introduce us. But warned me not to be upset if he just ran into his apartment. He has severe anxiety disorder. It took almost a year before he would return Jill’s greetings and actually have any eye contact. Jill got out of the car and brought Mannie back over. Blessing had gotten out to potty. Mannie was walking behind Jill with his eyes looking down at the ground. Blessing hid behind my legs like she was all of a sudden shy?? I spoke softly to Blessing telling her she didn’t need to hide from Jill’s friend. He wasn’t going to hurt her and there was no need to be afraid. Blessing obediently sat in the heel position. Mannie leaned down to Blessing and said “don’t be afraid”. Blessing immediately lifted her paw and I told Mannie she wanted to shake hands. Mannie took her paw and I told Blessing, “See you have made a new friend today”. Then Mannie shook hands with me too!! Jill stood in the background with her mouth hanging open. She said she had never seen Mannie be so open with anyone before!! After we got back home I got a letter from Mannie asking if I could send him some more of Blessing’s calling cards. He had been writing to some Christian penpals and told them all about his new dog friend. He even offered to pay for the cards but I wrote back and told him that wasn’t necessary and sent several of Blessing’s calling cards. Anyway, he sent a second letter thanking me for the cards and said he was going to send a $5 donation to the Canines for Christ headquarters in Florida. By the way, my sister’s apartment complex is Section 8 housing. Everyone who lives there is on limited income. I just wanted you to understand the special circumstances and when you get Mannie’s donation to recognize that it represents the “widow’s mite offering”. It sure warmed my heart to know what an impact our very brief meeting had on Mannie.
*Libby Lambert-Stava with Blessing, Sharon Kennard with Peprika and Gayle Schroyder with Zaccheus live in Willisburg, KY
*We received the $5 donation from Mannie and it will be used to advance God’s kingdom for His glory. This gesture of kindness from the heart of a faithful man with limited income will be honored by our King as the “Widow’s Mite Offering”.
Libby, Sharon, Gayle ringing in Christmas cheer…looks so cold!!
Blessing brings God’s love to a rehab patient
Gayle and Zaccheus
“The need is great and the workers are few”
Luke 10:2
Canines for Christ has a vendor that will provide a red bandana to our volunteers that will supplement the red vest. Please order directly from this link:
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit Christian Community Outreach Ministry
A passing thought…..
People want to do things their way, take all the credit, and live as though God has little to do with everyday life. But it’s God who gives us the ability to do things, even to gain wealth and we must remember that what we do is only successful when we do it His way.
“But remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth”.
Deuteronomy 8:18

Canines For Christ
Tampa, FL.
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