Our work in Middle TN for God is reaching to Chicago!!

I’ve worked very part-time at the Mt. Juliet, TN Library for a little more than 5 years. The Library Director changed a couple of years ago and I got to work with new staff. The new Director is a Christian and fully supportive of my actions in C4C as well as being a person I can “talk to” when I’m down because of visits to hospice or when I’m really up from our visits to Hope Lodge or a retirement center.

This past week, I was in her office and she reached over her desk to a window that overlooks a hallway. She picked up a card from that windowsill and showed it to me – it was one of Bouc’s cards. She said that she kept the card visible to her because it was so uplifting. That part of the card reads “Sharing God’s message of love, hope, and kindness”
She just wanted to tell me how she appreciated those words. And I just wanted you all to know that the “words” you’ve chosen to express our purpose is inspiring others to spread God’s word daily.

This past weekend my wife and I were in NW Chicago at a college reunion. In talking to the University President (whose wife is from the Nashville area and they have a daughter that just graduated from Vanderbilt Univ.), he mentioned that in conversation outside of IL, someone was doing “Pet Therapy.” Univ. President responded that he knew some folks in TN that were doing that same thing – that would be us.

My point being that as our work in Middle TN for God is reaching to Chicago!!

Hopefully the RISE Program (for college-age disabled students) via Judson University will soon incorporate C4C Teams into their program.

Jim Kidwell

Canines For Christ
Tampa, FL.
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