Bouc and I met the Behnkes at Hope Lodge, Nashville….


This note (a little long) is to say “Thank You” for following our Lord’s
leading in starting and running this ministry.

In early 2015, Bouc and I met the Behnkes at Hope Lodge, Nashville. They were from Dyersburg which is west TN. Richard had been diagnosed with cancer and was staying in Nashville for treatments. They had only been at Hope Lodge a little while when Bouc and I arrived.

Richard was a pastor in Dyersburg and his wife Barbara was now his caretaker in Nashville. They loved the idea of God’s love on four paws, covered with fur! The fact that my father had been a minister, added to our immediate bonding. They took Bouc’s photos via iPad to “show their church” how God was showing them love in Nashville. I’m
told that Bouc’s picture and God’s love through him, were used in a sermon in Dyersburg while the Behnkes were Nashville.

Barbara fell in love with Bouc (and God’s love in this manner) and each time she saw him, just hugged and loved on him – of course, Bouc responded well.

The last time I saw them, they were just arriving back at Hope Lodge from a treatment while Bouc and I were in my car ready to leave the parking lot. I stopped, rolled down the rear window and Barbara came running over to my car. Through the open rear window, she hugged Bouc’s neck and then exclaimed, “I thought we weren’t going to
be back in time to see you!!”

A couple of months ago, I happened upon the attached photo and did some on-line research, finding that Rev. Richard had passed. I sent a sympathy card to Barbara and included Bouc’s Canines for Christ card.

The note attached was her response.

Again, “Thank You” for allowing Bouc and me to serve our God in this way.

Canines For Christ
Tampa, FL.
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