Crisis Response Therapy Dog Teams

The purpose of the Canines For Christ Crisis Response Therapy Dog Teams is to deploy teams who will bring a ministry of presence and prayers and appropriately share God’s love, comfort, and hope to those that have been affected by man-made or natural disasters. Our dogs are used as the vessel to open the door to share this message.

How to get involved

  1. Volunteer must be a current C4C volunteer
  2. Volunteer must have completed the “Sharing Hope in Crisis” online training through Billy Graham Rapid Response Chaplains
  3. Dog must have achieved the AKC Excellent Therapy Dog title with a minimum of 100 community visits
  4. Volunteer must complete the Crisis Response Volunteer Application

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I work as a team?
  2. Yes, you will be assigned with another team, with one team Captain. The deployments will be for 2-3 days, depending on the situations.
  3. What will each day be like?
  4. * Pray for one another each day
  5. * Visit with families and people at the assigned areas
  6. * Listen to the stories of people in distress and grief
  7. * Pray, encourage, and share the comfort and hope of Jesus Christ
  8. * Keep a record of your contacts and prayer request
  9. What will my daily schedule be like?
  10. * Early morning devotions and prayer
  11. * Breakfast
  12. * Team assignments
  13. * Ministry
  14. * Dinner
  15. * Evening debriefing and prayer
  16. What will be provided by C4C?
  17. * Special black “Chaplain” C4C shirts and hats for volunteers
  18. * Credentials for volunteers
  19. * Orientation training upon arrival and before deployment
  20. * Pocket Testaments to hand out
  21. * Breakfasts and dinners
  22. * Arrangements for accommodations at a pet friendly hotel
  23. * Coordination with local and Federal agencies, and church ministries
  24. For what will volunteers be responsible?
  25. Volunteers are responsible for their travel expenses and hotel charges
  26. What will volunteers need to bring?
  27. * Bible
  28. * Long pants or capris for women
  29. * Food for dogs
  30. * Dog’s health record and therapy dog certifications

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