About Chaplain Larry Randolph

Chaplain Larry Randolph and wife Susan started the Canines for Christ ministry in July 2007. His many qualifications and certifications include:

President and Board of Directors Chairman of Canines for Christ Ministry, Commissioned Chaplain with Corporate and Community Chaplains of America,
Rapid Response Chaplain for Billy Graham Ministries,
Member of American Association of Christian Counselors,
Volunteer Chaplain for Tampa Fire and Rescue 911 center and Chaplain at American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge,
Volunteer Chaplain for Pyramid Adult Development Center,
Volunteer Chaplain at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital,
Member of Christian Emergency Response Force (CERT)
Department of Homeland Security,
Board Certified Crisis Response Specialist – The Board of Christian Crisis and Trauma Response (IBCC)
Graduate of Billy Graham School of Evangelism

Disaster deployments/mission trips include:

New Orleans (Katrina)
Galveston (Ike) and Orlando (Pulse shooting)

Certificates completed in:

Stress First Aid/Southern Baptist Disaster Relief
Fundamentals of Traumatic Brain Injury
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Complex Trauma and Disasters Emotional and Spiritual Care (Light University)
Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters (ICISF)
Sharing Hope In Crisis (Billy Graham Ministries)
Grief Counseling with Suncoast Kids Place
Domestic and Community Crisis Response
Acute Stress, Grief, and Trauma

Chaplain Larry and his Royal Ambassador Therapy Dog, Gracie, have over 5,000 community visits.

In addition to being ministry leader of Canines for Christ, Chaplain Larry has been an active speaker to churches, rotary groups, civic organizations, men’s and women’s small groups, and radio and TV Outlets. The message Chaplain Larry brings is the amazing story of trust, faith and obedience and how God blessed him to start this ministry that has touched many lives around the world. Additionally, Chaplain Larry is active in performing weddings, memorial services, baptisms and other community outreach functions. If you would like him to speak at your church or another community event, please let him know.

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